Gesturing Towards Tenuous Inclusion

A ski trail on frozen Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in winter. Photo via Wikimedia. Photo via Wikimedia. A gust of frigid winter air swirled onto my face … Read More

Luna Lovers

The author lived in an apartment in this house in the Minneapolis Powderhorn neighborhood from 2014-2016. The sound and harmony that pulsates heavily in my heart and reminds me of my three years of life … Read More

Owners and Election Day: A Chance to do the Right Thing

Photo of championship banners in Miami Heat Stadium, via Wikipedia. On June 19th (Juneteenth), according to the Miami Herald, in a two-minute video, the Miami Heat owner Micky Arison announced … Read More

Mass Movements; Moral Moments

The atrium of the Minneapolis Central Library, designed by architect César Pelli, completed in 2006. Photo from the GPA Photo Archive via Flickr. When I learned this May of George Floyd’s murder by a … Read More

Everybody’s Going Uptown

Photo of the Minneapolis skyline, taken by the author. Upon arriving in Minneapolis, my friends put me on to the sounds of the beloved musician, Prince. I had heard his music growing up but put … Read More

Start the Conversation

View of downtown St. Paul, the Mississippi River, and the High Bridge. Photo taken by the author. Do conversations on diversity, equity, and inclusion ever get easy? No matter how many years of training and … Read More

In Transit

Metro Transit buses at Washington Avenue bus stop on north side of Coffman Memorial Union on the University of Minnesota East Bank campus. Photo by Runner1928 via Wikipedia. I … Read More

Power of Social Trust and the Pandemic

A young man executes a “trust fall” into the outstretched arms of his friends. Photo by Barret Anspach via Flickr. Contemporary pollsters often ask us if we trust our government or if we … Read More

Bless Me with a Name

Author’s photo of a winter day in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As evil goes, racism’s greatest power is its ability to evade being named, its definition debated ad nauseum while its insidious impact is felt with the … Read More

Rethinking Minnesota Nice

Aerial photo of houses in Stillwater, MN. Photo by Mwboege via Wikimedia. I’ve always thought of Minnesotans as thoughtful, nice, salt of the earth people. For the most part, I … Read More