One Year Later: Wonderful/Wretched Memories of Racial Dynamics in the Twin Cities, Minnesota

Today, in honor of the one-year anniversary of the killing of George Floyd, The Society Pages reposts Walt Jacob’s introduction to the Wonderful/Wretched series. Wonderful/Wretched is a collection of twenty-one essays on the racial dynamics of the Twin Cities written … Read More

Sociology of the Siege

Since the January 6 Assault on Capitol Hill, scholars, reporters, and politicians have tried to make sense of the violent insurrection. Many draw from fundamental sociological lessons to make sense of violence, place it in historical context, and … Read More

Fortune 500 CEOs, 2000-2020: Still Male, Still White

Man adjusting tie knot. Image via Pixabay, CC0. Back in 1963, when her husband committed suicide, Katherine Graham took over The Washington Post, the newspaper her father had founded. When the Washington Post made the Fortune 500 list … Read More

Taken for a Moral Ride: Public Fears, Qanon, and Sexual Exploitation

Photo of a laptop, mostly shut, in the dark. Image via Pixabay, CC0. An online hoax claiming Wayfair furniture company is selling children goes viral. The hashtag #saveourchildren begins to trend, urging us all … Read More

“Guns and Gender in America,” from Gender Policy Report

A woman prepares to fire a gun at a gun range.   While gun violence in the US has been covered widely in the media in recent years, surprisingly little attention has been … Read More

Bridging America’s Divides Requires a Willingness to Work Together Without Becoming Friends First

  Making friends isn’t necessary for solving America’s divisions This article is republished from the Conversation, read the original article here. Amid two crises – … Read More

A Wrinkle in Time and Space

Image from the promotional materials for the film A Wrinkle in Time. CC-BY-NC-ND. Friday, August 28, 2020 was a day filled with detours from my planned activities. It started with a rabbit hole trip through … Read More

Where Were You on May 25, 2020?

The reconstructed I-35 bridge. Photo by Bradford Everett via Flickr. Recently my 84 year-old father told me that he has vivid memories of hearing the news of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination, even though … Read More

All Roads Lead to 38th and Chicago

Author through the lens of a bike mirror photographing BLM street art in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. The Wonderful/Wretched Memories of Racial Dynamics in the Twin Cities, Minnesota special feature publishes stories of … Read More

Learning the Scales of Music and Diversity in My Minneapolis

Photo of the author (left) with his mother, Nirmala Rajasekar (second from left), his Uncle Gary (second from right, producer of Sounds of Blackness), and Muruga Boopathi (right) by ReyMash Photography, October 2018. The … Read More