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A classic bear tale that did not end well, for the bear or me.


I’ve been procrastinating for over a year about getting rid of my 140,000-mile car. No more. On the way home from the cabin last night, I hit a large bear, head-on at a high speed.

l’m fortunate to be alive.The airbag did not work. The impact was so powerful that it crushed the entire front of the car. Even worse, the crash left the car on the center line, everything dead–no lights, frozen in park, and cars whizzing by at 70 mph on a two-lane country highway. Two cars nearly hit me, and I had to direct traffic with a flashlight for 15 minutes until a highway cop showed up.

The bear crawled off without the use of his right legs. A deputy and highway patrolman hunted in the woods for a half hour to put it down, but to no avail.

Bonnie had to pick me up in Pine City at midnight. Now the insanity of insurance companies, rental cars, hunting for a new vehicle–nevertheless, I’m alive but must have used up the 7th or 8th life last night.

I felt worse for the bear than myself. The highway patrolman kept asking, “Are you sure you’re not hurt? It’s a wonder you’re not dead.”


This union went toe-to-toe with one of nation’s largest higher education systems. The chronology gives you a sense of what a faculty union can accomplish in this era when most just wring their hands and despair. The future is not fait accompli–Carpe diem!

The Union Makes Us Strong: Selected IFO media highlights over the past 11 months in chronological order.