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New and Noteworthy

Board member Mason Jones wrote up new research from Stefanie Mollborn and colleagues showing that high SES parents try to negotiate with their kids, not set hard limits, to try and reduce “screen time” and “bad” tech uses

Worth a Read, Sociologically Speaking

Daniel Carlson wrote for Council on Contemporary Families on his new research showing that exactly how couples divide up household work matters for relationship satisfaction and happiness. When couples share tasks equally, rather than splitting tasks 50/50, they are happier and more satisfied.

Alumni Spotlight

In honor of The Society Pages’ tenth anniversary in 2022 we’re highlighting the contributions and ongoing work of our superb alumni!

This week we caught up with Erik Kojola who had this to say about his time on the board:

“I have fond memories of our Friday morning meetings pitching ideas for articles and talking about current events. I did several podcasts that enabled me to interview scholars doing exciting research and as a graduate student talk with some leading sociologists. One of my first interviews was with Michael Burawoy which was exciting and nerve-racking to interview a scholar who’d made major contributions to theories of class and labor as well as advancing public sociology. I was able to spend an hour talking with a former ASA president and to have an in-depth discussion about how he conceptualized public sociology. I also compiled a roundtable about climate change in the 2016 US Presidential election and got leading environmental sociologists to analyze the stakes of climate action and climate justice.

Now, I’m an assistant professor at Texas Christian University and have recently started some community-based and collaborative research on environmental racism in Fort Worth. I’m working with several community organizations to do applied research that will help them advocate for policies to protect public health and limit pollution in black neighborhoods. I’m also having students write policy reports and op-ed articles about environmental justice issues in Texas so they learn how to communicate issues to broader publics.

I continue to use TSP in my classes. I have students read Discoveries articles in my research methods classes to learn about different research methods and how to summarize research.”

Thanks for all your contributions to TSP and your ongoing public sociology work, Erik!

Backstage with TSP

This year, we have a group of talented undergraduates on our board. This is new for us and has meant changing up how we do “pitches,” where board members bring in recent social scientific articles and we consider whether to write them up. Returning board members have been pitching articles for both themselves and new board members to cover. There’s a lot of moving pieces trying to match articles with the interests of our board members but it’s been a fun process and has meant that, sometimes, people are writing up pieces that aren’t neatly within their comfort zone. This can be challenging but helps us pursue our broad, “big tent” vision of sociology.

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Joe Eggers wrote for Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies’ blog on What Past is Worth Remembering?: Germany’s Colonial History in Public Memory

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