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New and Noteworthy

For our partner page World Suffering I wrote up new research from Mike Vuolo and colleagues showing that prescription drug monitoring programs, that tracks prescriptions for drugs like opioids, decrease overdose deaths.

Worth a Read, Sociologically Speaking

Hilary Silver wrote for Contexts‘ blog on how the slow uptick in home work from its low point in the 1980s was fast-tracked by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Citings and Sightings

Giving context to Supreme Court news, Adam Harris interviews Natasha Warikoo for the Atlantic, on her September book Is Affirmative Action Fair?: The Myth of Equity in College Admissions.

Backstage with TSP

One thing we’re constantly thinking about at TSP is how much information to include in our Discoveries, short write-ups of new academic research. We want to make sure we’re accurately representing the research and the importance of the finding(s) but we also want to make sure we aren’t bombarding our readers with lots of jargon or complexity that makes the piece less accessible. It’s a tough balance to strike and something we always discuss in on our weekly Discoveries workshops.

Alumni Spotlight

In honor of The Society Pages’ tenth anniversary in 2022 we’re highlighting the contributions and ongoing work of our superb alumni!

This week we caught up with TSP alum Kyle Green. Here’s what he had to say about his time on the TSP board:

“Over the course of my four years with TSP I was involved with most, if not all, parts of the project. I think am proud of that. However, I am sure I am proud of four things: (1) Getting to be part of the initial transition from Contexts to TSP when all dreams seemed possible; (2) Working on the Getting Culture volume with Stephen Suh; (3) Hosting and producing many episodes of the Office Hours podcast with Sarah Lageson; (4) Creating, hosting, and producing the Give Methods a Chance podcast with Sarah Lageson. But really, it isn’t what I wrote/recorded as much as the friends I made (I started writing this statement as a joke but decided it is actually right by the time I finished typing). 

TSP has completely shaped my vision of the discipline and what it could/should be, for better or worse (usually better). For example, I still am surprised when I meet an academic who does not believe in the inherent value of producing accessible work that can be consumed rather easily by the sociologically interested. I also owe my big tent understanding of the discipline to my time at TSP and I owe my ability to have conversations with scholars across the discipline to my time spent listening to grad board members pitch ‘citings’ from a variety of subfields. Most directly linked to my time at TSP, I created the Give Theory a Chance podcast and have recorded almost 50 episodes with scholars across the social sciences. I can honestly say that I would not be the researcher and teacher I am today without my time spent as part of the TSP crew.”

Kyle Green is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at SUNY Brockport. He is also host and producer of the Give Theory a Chance podcast.

From the Archives

Ahead of next weeks midterm voting check out this research roundup!

More from our Partner and Community Pages

Abbie E. Goldberg wrote for Council on Contemporary Families’ blog on her new book describing the pathways and challenges and offering guidance for LGBTQ people seeking parenthood.

Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies’ blog posted Gelinada Grinchenko‘s Oral History Journal piece on her forthcoming book and series of accompanying short films and her experience and role in the context of the current conflict in Ukraine as an oral historian, survivor, and future storyteller.

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