Welcome back! This week we feature research on the “new” CEOS, round-up timely research on firefighters, and share new research on the demand for wifi hotspots on rural communities.

Special Features:

Fortune 500 CEOs, 2000-2020: Still Male, Still White.” Richie Zweigenhaft shares data on Fortune 500 CEOs, showing how, although some things have changed, the majority of these power elite members are still white men.

There’s Research on That:

Firefighters Face Burning Issues Beyond a Blaze” by Nick Mathews. As wildfires continue to burn, we round-up research on the mental health issues and risk firefighters face, as well as the significance of prison labor in firefighting.


Hotspots in Red-Hot Demand in Rural America” by Nick Mathews. We feature new research that demonstrates the challenges rural Americans face in accessing the internet, and the possibility of library hotspot lending programs to meet these access needs.

From Our Partners:


“Pandemics Prey on Fears, Both Legitimate and Illegitimate” by Joseph O. Baker, Ann Gordon, L. Edward Day, and Christopher D. Bader

Council on Contemporary Families:

Telecommuting Gets Mixed Results for Gender Equity at Home, and Women Are More Depressed” by Virginia Rutter

From Our Community Pages:

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