Greetings from the Society Pages! This week we rounded up #TSPClassics about the election and voting and presented new research on the consequences of classroom mismatching for kids. We also feature a guest post that frames Qanon’s #savethechildren movement as a moral panic.

Special Features:

Taken for a Moral Ride: Public Fears, Qanon, and Sexual Exploitation.” Libby Trudeau frames Qanon’s #savethechildren movement as a moral panic and considers the consequences of this kind of public attention for the anti-trafficking movement.


Mismatching is Misguided for Many Middle Schoolers” by Erika Sanborne. We feature new research that considers the predicators and consequences of overmatching or undermatching classroom difficulty for middle school students.

There’s Research on That:

From the #TSPClassics Collection: Voting and Elections” by Neeraj Rajasekar. With election day less than two weeks away, we round-up some classic pieces from our collection on elections and voting on who votes, voter suppression, and the connection between social movements and elections.

From Our Partners:


“Why Did So Many Urban Working-Class Whites Support President Trump?” by Andrew J. Cherlin.

Council on Contemporary Families

How Dads Make a Difference for Their Children” by Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan and Kari Adamsons.

From Our Community Pages:

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