Welcome Back! This week, we spotlight medical sociologists’ analyses of how COVID-19 will affect the equity, delivery, and organization of the US healthcare system. We also feature new research on fertility decision-making.


COVID-19: Dispatches from Medical Sociology.” Tania M. Jenkins and Elaine M. Hernandez team up in this four-part series to provide insight on how the current COVID-19 pandemic is changing the landscape of American healthcare.


Siblings and Coworkers as Fertility Influencers” by Jean Marie Maier. New research shows that the decision to have kids is contagious. Find out which members of women’s personal networks are the most influential.

From Our Partners:


COVID-19 and the Future of Society” by Rashawn Ray and Fabio Rojas.

Council on Contemporary Families:

Your Gift to Health Care Providers, Yourself, and Your Family” by Stefan Timmermans and Chloe Bird.

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