Welcome back! To kick off the new year, we bring together research on NCAA football and the social construction of scandals. We also reveal our 2019 Best Newcomer — a roundup of research on how beliefs about safety and danger are learned and contextual.

There’s Research on That:

Engaging Sports NCAA Football Roundup by Jean Marie Maier. We round up features from Engaging Sports that help us better understand how race and class factor into football participation, how fans react to college recruitment online, and how football has navigated the concussion crisis.

The Sociological Skinny on Scandals by Neeraj Rajasekar. Why do some incidents and individuals who seem scandalous have major impacts and lasting legacies, while others seem to make no mark whatsoever? We collect theory and research to weigh in.

Best of 2019: Safety is Social by Jillian LaBranche. This winner for the best article written by a TSP newcomer in 2019 brings together sociological research showing that beliefs about safety and danger differ by race, class, and gender.

From Our Partners:

Council on Contemporary Families:

New Work: Making Friends with Stepchildren” by Lawrence Ganong and Marilyn Coleman.


Does Masturbation Teach Women to Orgasm in Partnered Sex? (Maybe, but It’s Not Clear)” by Paula England, Sophie Saydah, and Andrew Levine.

From Our Community Pages:

TSP Classics:

The Social Side of the Solo Cup by Isabel Arriagada. Research in Social Psychology Quarterly finds that social occasions have the power to be transformative in positive and negative ways.

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