Welcome back! This week, we highlight new research on “third places,” those which are neither work nor home, and we reveal our best Discovery of 2019 — an insightful piece revealing the links between efforts to control women’s sexual behavior and their mental health.


There’s No Place Like Third Place” by Anna Bokun. We bring you research analyzing business trends in “third places”–like grocery stores, diners, and barbershops–which are important for promoting health and well-being.

Best of 2019: Gender, Mental Illness, and Reproductive Decision Making” by Caity Curry. Research demonstrates one more way women’s mental health remains inextricably tied to concerns about women’s bodies and their sexual behavior. This Discovery was voted the best of 2019 by TSP Board Members!

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Heard around CCF: Parents Can’t Go It Alone—They Never Have: What to Do for Parents to Help our Next Generation” by Barbara Risman.

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Venti Voting?” by Evan Stewart.

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The Stuff of Holidays: How Holiday Objects Tell a Sociological Story about Today’s Families” by Michelle Janning.

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