Welcome back! This week you’ll find new sociological research on how real estate agents feel about their work, as well as how peers influence preference for STEM subjects. We also have reflections on why interracial couples and their multiracial children won’t save us.

Special Feature:

Money & Meanings: Real Estate Professionals in the Neoliberal City,” by Mirella Landriscina. In our latest special feature, Landriscina explores how real estate agents feel about and experience their work.


Peer Influence and STEM Preference,” by Amy August. New research in Sociology of Education finds that more middle school boys have friends that prefer STEM subjects than girls. But if enough girls like STEM in one classroom, not having close friends that prefer STEM subjects doesn’t matter.

From Our Partners:


La Economía de la Migración,” by Jonathan Portes.

Council on Contemporary Families:

On Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Interracial Couples and Their Multiracial Children Will Not Save Us,” by Chinyere Osuji.

And from the Community Pages:

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