Welcome back! This week we’ve got a new special feature about how residents experience gentrification, social science research on school choice and social inequality, and reflections on gendered wedding traditions.

Special Feature:

“Why Can’t Gentrification Fix What’s Already Here?” by Christina Jackson and Yasmine Payano. In our latest special feature, Jackson and Payano discuss how residents experience gentrification in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

There’s Research on That!:

School Choice and Social Inequality,” by Evan Stewart and Neeraj Rajasekar. Social science research comparing private and public approaches to schooling finds distinct benefits of public schools and questions whether more choice in schooling really helps everyone.

From Our Partners:


There is No Green Book for Walking,” by Jennifer D. Roberts.

Sociological Images:

Surviving Student Debt,” by Amber Joy Powell.

Council on Contemporary Families:

The Fall Wedding Season is upon Us — But Outdated, Gendered Traditions Don’t Have to Be,” by Stephanie Coontz.

And from the Community Pages:

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