Hello again! This week at TSP we’ve got social science research on youth and rave culture, new research on digital skills and education, and reflections on the history of mass deportations in the United States.

There’s Research on That!:

Youth and the Development of “Rave” Culture,” by Lucas Lynch. Social science research on raves shows that they are more than just sporadic, all-night dance parties.


When is Instagram Cultural Capital? (When Your School Decides It Is),” by Jean Marie Maier. New research in the American Journal of Sociology finds that teachers interpret the value of students’ digital skills based on race and class stereotypes.


Mass Deportation Isn’t New,” by Caity Curry. The Conversation talks with Tanya Golash-Boza about the creation of I.C.E. and mass deportations in the United States.

From Our Partners:

Sociological Images:

Saying No To News,” by Allison J. Steinke.


Repeal FOSTA and Decriminalize Sex Work,” by Crystal A. Jackson and Jenny Heineman.

Council on Contemporary Families:

Why Gender Matters,” by Barbara Risman.

And a Few from the Community Pages:

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