There’s Research on That!:

The Complexity of Evangelicals in the United States,” by Amber Joy Powell. Sociological research provides a complicated picture of evangelicals in the United States and their beliefs.

The Social Consequences of Conflict,” by Brooke Chambers. Violent conflicts have many consequences, and here we rounded up social science research on their social and relational effects.


Are Sanctuary Cities Safer than We Think?” by Caity Curry. New research in Justice Quarterly finds that sanctuary policies for immigrants may actually reduce criminal activity and increase police cooperation in these cities.


The Power of Commemorating the Past,” by Brooke Chambers. In a recent article in The ConversationNancy Berns explains the many ways commemorative events can prove beneficial, while also pointing out that not all historical violence is commemorated equally.

Why Marriage Proposals are Stuck in the Past,” by Jasmine Syed. The Atlantic talks with Ellen Lamont and Judy Chu about why marriage proposals often perpetuate traditional gender roles.

From Our Partners:

Sociological Images:

Bouncers and Bias,” by Amber Joy Powell.


Young Women of Color and Shifting Sexual Identities,” by Tristan Bridges and Mignon Moore.

All Credentials aren’t Created Equal,” by Louise Seamster.

Anger, Profanity, and Hatred,” by by Audra Buck-Coleman.

Council on Contemporary Families:

Patterns of Progress? Changes in Gender Ideology 1977-2016,” by David Cotter.

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