Welcome sociology friends! This week we’re wrapping up our “Best of 2017” posts and ramping up for 2018! We’ve got new pieces on Trump’s tweets and racial injustice, screen capping news stories, and neighborhood segregation.


*~* Best of 2017 *~*

When Your In-Law is an Outlaw,” by Ryan Larson. New research in Criminology finds that previously convicted brothers-in-law increase the likelihood of crime for new husbands — regardless of their own criminal histories.


*~* Best of 2017 *~*

How College Became Synonymous with Sex,” by Brooke ChambersLisa Wade writes for Time Magazine and explains how colleges went from being rigid institutions to hubs for parties and casual sex.

How Trump’s Tweets Distract from Racial Injustice,” by Lucas LynchABC News talked with Ben Carrington and Doug Hartmann about Trump’s tweets about athletes may reveal racial bias.

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Screen Capping the News Shows Different Stories for Different Folks,” by Kyle Green.


Education Changes Neighborhood Segregation,” by Kelsey Drotning.

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