Hello! It’s TSP. We were wondering if after all these days you’d like to see  our latest coverage of work in sociology!


(Re)Locating Recidivism” by Ryan Larson. New research from David S. Kirk shows how natural disasters can also make natural experiments in neighborhood composition.

Office Hours:

Andrew Perrin on American Political Publics.Jack Delehanty talks with Andrew Perrin about his new book, American Democracy: From Tocqueville to Town Halls to Twitter.


The Corporate Interests Behind The Persistence of Climate Change Denial” by Eamon Whalen. Justin Farrell talks to The Washington Post.

Innuendo in the ER: Okay, Unless You’re Black” by Caty TabordaAdia Harvey Wingfield talks to The Atlantic about race, sexuality, and workplace culture.

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Scholars Strategy Network:

The Roots and Impact of Outrage-Mongering in U.S. Political Opinion Media.” Sarah Sobieraj and Jeffrey M. Berry discuss their research on when and why political media gets mad.


Contexts rolls out the Fall 2015 Table of Contents, free to read for the first month!

Context is Everything.” Joshua Page talks to New York Times food critic Pete Wells

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