Hello everyone! With the candy consumed and the early evenings setting in, we have rounded up the latest work at TSP to brighten your morning! Here is a look at what we’ve been up to:

Special Feature:

The Invisibility of Today’s Women Refugees” by Katharine Donato.

“…most of the images I have seen are of men making the trip from Syria and other countries to Western Europe…I know that the gender composition of most displaced persons and refugees generated by warfare is balanced, half men and half women. So where are the women among these refugees?”

Office Hours:

Sharmila Rudrappa on Global Surrogacy” with Sarah Catherine BillupsSharmila Rudrappa explains why India has become an increasingly popular destination for American couples searching for affordable pregnancy assistance.

The Editors’ Desk:

Social Media and Public Engagement in the Wake of Halloween.” Doug Hartmann previews his take on public sociology as Joel Best watches the death of print.


Morals Win Debates” by Miray PhilipsRob Willer talks to Quartz about a better way to build bi-partisan bridges.

Churches Help Criminalized Women” by Allison NoblesSusan Sered talks to Sojourners about how sacred spaces offer social support.

Why We’ll Wait in Line” by Miray PhilipsDavid Gibson explains how we worry more about the length of the line than the length of the wait at CityLab. 


When and Why Arab Americans Mobilize for Protest” by Miray Philips. New research from Wayne Santoro and Marian Azab shows how political repression brings new activists into the fold.

From Our Partners:

Scholars Strategy Network:

Does It Matter For Children If Their Parents Are Married?” by Kelly Musick and Katherine Michelmore. Unmarried parents ≠ unstable relationships, and new research shows how the effects of cohabitation are changing.

School Readiness and Equal Opportunity Start at Birth” by Richard F. Doner and Kirsten Widner. Economic inequality can set a child back long before they hit the books.

And a Few From the Community Pages:

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