Two women sitting side-by-side with laptops in front of them, glancing at each other after reading something shocking. Photo by Resume Genius from Upsplash.

Intro and History

Several subcultures exist online dedicated to hating women, collectively known as the “manosphere.” These communities hold different perspectives on how they should operate in society based on their shared belief in the Red Pill, the belief that we live in a “Gynocracy” (a society dominated by women that discriminates against men).

Some of these subcultures focus on trying to “prove” their negative views of women by presenting themselves as scientifically knowledgeable. Others focus on more explicitly bigoted and violent language. “Incels” believe that they are involuntarily celibate thanks to societal injustice. Another manosphere group, “Men Going Their Own Way” (MGTOW), takes a different approach to women and tries to avoid women and female institutions altogether.

Politics and Culture

While many online misogynists solely focus on hating women, others have become more broadly political. For example, many members of the manosphere backed Donald Trump for the US presidency. However, at times, members of the manosphere have come into conflict with other right-wing extremists. Some white nationalists, for instance, believe they should “protect” white women, while manosphere members are often more explicitly hateful towards white women.