Welcome back! This week we cover new research that shows that surface level changes in policing might hide ongoing bias and punitive practices. We also round up research about public opinions on pay-to-play in college sports, as we await a verdict in the NCAA supreme court case.


Punitive Policing Persists by Daniel Cueto-Villalobos. We cover new research that shows that more cooperative or cordial policing styles can be used to justify more punitive policing.

There’s Research On That

Public Opinion on Pay-to-Play by Jean Marie Maier. With the NCAA back in the Supreme Court we round up research on who supports paying college athletes and how this relates to race, concerns about athlete exploitation, and beliefs about amateurism.

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Teaching Sociology of Gender During COVID-19: Lessons from Contexts Magazine by Gabrielle G. Gonzales and Catherine J. Taylor

Council on Contemporary Families

New Work: Multiracial children and their family lives by Kate H. Choi and Rachel E. Goldberg

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