Welcome back! This week, we feature new research on media verification, a reflection on the advantages of e-service learning, and a synthesis of TSP titles commemorating this strange semester’s end.


Check it out, or check out? When audiences spend extra time with content” by Nick Mathews. New research investigates whether people are more likely to verify content when it comes from a source they distrust or one they consider credible. The results may surprise you.

Teaching TSP:

Social distancing is no reason to stop service learning – just do it online.” In this article reposted from The Conversation, Marianne Krasny argues that online service learning can be just as valuable as service learning done in person — and sometimes more.

The Editors’ Desk:

In “Ode to TSP: COVID-19 Edition,” Amy August “celebrates” one of the strangest and most challenging semesters we’ve faced, using the titles of recent and classic TSP posts.

TSP Classics:

Screen Time in Summer Time” by Amy August. Last year, The Atlantic talked with Jessica Calarco about how screen time guidelines make assumptions that may not be true for all families. In the time of the Covid-19 school closures, her message seems especially apt.

From Our Partners:


Who Gets to Define What’s ‘Racist?’” by Musa al-Gharbi.

From Our Community Pages:

Cyborgology asks, “What’s so funny about derogatory memes?

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