Welcome back! This week, we provide resources to help instructors move the courses they designed to teach in person fully online. We also bring you new research examining colorism in NCAA basketball commentary, and a roundup of research on the impact of economic recessions on family life.


Throwin’ Shade On the Court” by Christine Delp. New research helps us to understand how NCAA broadcast announcers talk differently about the physical performance, physicality, and mental ability of lighter and darker-skinned players.

There’s Research on That:

Portent of Things to Come? How the Great Recession of 2008 Changed Family Life” by Mahala Miller. We round up research on how the Great Recession of 2008 impacted families’ decision-making to help us imagine what might lie ahead.

Teaching TSP:

Using TSP to Teach Online” by Allison Nobles. We offer a guide to the clear, concise, and public-facing sociological content on our site, and suggestions for how to incorporate it in lessons for undergraduates! 

Teaching Something Suddenly-Online that you Designed for an In-Person Course due to #COVID19” by Erika Sanborne. This post offers helpful and reassuring advice for making online courses accessible, delivering course content, and assessing student learning.

From Our Partners:


The Global Coronavirus Epidemic: Commentary on East Asia’s Response” by Rashawn Ray and Fabio Rojas.

Council on Contemporary Families

Love in the time of Corona: How to stay connected with family when we “gotta keep ’em separated”” by Patricia N. E. Roberson.

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