Welcome back to another week at TSP! In this roundup, you can find new research on the use of “civic talk” in discussions of racial diversity, and how the social environment affects impostor syndrome. We also have an interview with the parents of a hate-crime victim, a sociologist’s reflections on her new memoir, and an exploration of critical sports podcasts.


The “Civic Talk” of Diversity,” by Neeraj Rajasekar. New research in City & Community finds that residents use “civic talk” to voice misgivings about living in a diverse area while still presenting diversity as positive.

Social Environment Influences Impostor Syndrome,” by Mark Lee. New research in The Sociological Quarterly finds that the social environment — such as organizational rules, incentives, and culture — affects the development of impostor syndrome.

From Our Partners:


Hate Crimes and Domestic Terrorism on Campus,” by Rashawn Ray.

Council on Contemporary Families:

3Q With Deborah J. Cohan,” by Barbara J. Risman.

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