Hello and happy Friday! This week we’ve got new research on gender inequality in the top 1% of U.S. earners, an examination of injustice in Honduras, and reflections on the exploitation of immigrant farm labor.


The Top One Percent’s Crystal Ceiling,” by Allison J. Steinke. New research in American Sociological Review finds a clear gender imbalance within the top one percent of U.S. earners.


Struggling with Silence in Honduras,” by Lucas Lynch. A recent article in The Progressive by sociologist Meghan Krausch documents how corporate and elite interests can prevail over ordinary Honduran plights for security and justice.

From Our Partners:


Stemming the Exploitation of Immigrant Farm Labor,” by Andrew Smolski.

Health and Romantic Union Dissolution,” by Xu Yan.

Color-blindness Wrapped in a White Bow,” by Simone N. Durham.

Binding Neighborhoods through Co-offending Networks,” by Han N. Kleman.

Risk and Resilience on Reservations,” by Layne Amerikaner.

When a School Isn’t Just a School,” by Nadirah Farah Foley.

Council on Contemporary Families:

Amy Blackstone on Childfree Adults,” by Barbara Risman.

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