Hello sociology-fans! This week we’ve got sociological research on peace and conflict in Northern Ireland, morality and monetary exchanges, and why legal doctrines are not enough to stop genocide.

There’s Research on That!:

Peace and Conflict in Northern Ireland,” by Mark Lee. Sociologists explain why peace is so fragile in Northern Ireland by uncovering the structural, religious, and political roots of the conflict.


Naming, Blaming, and Claiming Legal Protection from Genocide,” by Brooke Chambers. New research in Genocide Studies and Prevention finds that the existence of legal protections does little to stop genocide without states and international organizations upholding their commitments.

What Gifts Can Buy,” by Isabel Arriagada. New research in American Sociological Review finds that the line between acceptable and unacceptable monetary exchanges is blurry.


Discrimination During Legal Border Crossings,” by Javiera Lamoza Osorio. The Chicago Tribune features research by  Alexander UpdegroveJoshua Shadwick, Eryn O’Neal, and Alex Piquero about discrimination during legal border crossings.

Race & Basketball,” by Amy August. USC Anneberg Media talks with Ben Carrington about racial representation in sports.

From Our Partners:

Sociological Images:

Sam Smith & The Sociology of Body Shaming,” by Jonathan Harrison.


Rwanda, Genocide, and Gender-Based Violence,” by Nicole Fox.

Council on Contemporary Families:

Liberation Based Healing Practices: An Interview with Rhea V. Almeida,” by Joshua Coleman.

And from the Community Pages:

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