Hello again! We’ve got more *Best of 2018* posts for you this week, including research on the relationship between drug testing policies for welfare recipients and white labor force participation, as well as research on why poor parents say yes to junk food. We’ve also got new posts covering the stalled gender revolution and undocumented Asians.

There’s Research on That!:

*~* Best of 2018 *~*

Best of 2018: Criminalizing Dance to Demonstrate Power,” by Isabel Arriagada. After teenager Maedeh Hojabri was recently arrested and imprisoned by Iranian authorities for posting Instagram videos of herself dancing, we rounded up research on the purpose of such legal sanctions.



Many Americans Still Resist Gender Equity in the Home,” by Amy AugustThe New York Times covers research by sociologists William Scarborough,  Ray Sin, and Barbara Risman on why the gender revolution has stalled.

*~* Best of 2018 *~*

Best of 2018: Why Poor Parents Say “Yes” to Junk Food, by Nahrissa Rush. In an op-ed earlier this year for the Los Angeles Times, Priya Fielding-Singh explains that junk food consumption is an emotionally-rooted decision for impoverished parents.

From Our Partners:


Undocumented Asians, Left in the Shadows,” by Soo Mee Kim and Aggie J. Yellow Horse.

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