Ru071414A lot can happen in just a couple of weeks. While we entertained illustrious guests (the incoming editors of Contexts magazine) and worked on developing new Community Pages, we saw the arrival of the paperbacks of our third W.W. Norton volume (this time on race and ethnicity in the U.S.), a plaudit as a great Twin Cities blog from the fine folks at The Tangential and Vita.MN, and, of course, the winning of the World Cup. We didn’t do that last one. But here’s the stuff we did do.


Economic Decline and the American Dream,” by Kevin Leicht. The second in a three-part series reveals that the U.S. has the lowest rate of social mobility in the industrialized world.

Old Narratives and New Realities,” by Kevin Leicht. Why old-school parents really just don’t understand the financial precarity of modern early adulthood in the conclusion to Leicht’s series.

Andrew Ross on the Anti-Debt Movement,” by Erin Hoekstra. A conversation with a scholar-activist about the whys and hows of dumping debt.

The Editors’ Desk:

Virginia Rutter, Love, and Scholarly Generosity,” by Chris Uggen. On appreciation and respect in the academic world.

The Morning After,” by Doug Hartmann. The World Cup is over. Now what?

There’s Research on That!

Modern Mormonism: Kicking Out and Keeping In,” by Allegra Smith and Evan Stewart.

Citings & Sightings:

Pantene Urges Women to Stop Being Sorry—But Were They in the First Place?” by Hope Uggen. #NotSorry? What about #WasntSorryButThatsTheEasiestWaytoMoveItAlong?

Starbucks Brews Plan to Fund College Tuition,” by Molly Goin. Now offering more than a caffeine boost, Starbucks takes a step that may let their workers take many.

Scholars Strategy Network:

New Measures Reveal the True Impact of America’s Anti-Poverty Programs,” by Jane Waldfogel. Because science usually means measurement, social science needs metrics to evaluate social programs.

Using Alternatives to School Suspension Can Improve Student Success and Community Safety,” by Jenni W. Owen. Suspension is, by design, isolating. What might work better?

Council on Contemporary Families:

Greater Acceptance, Persisting Antipathy: 50 Years of Religious Change,” by Jerry Park, Joshua Tom, and Brita Andercheck. “Even today, nativist hate groups perpetuate hostilities between Catholic and Jewish Americans.”

The State of Latino Children,” by Rogelio Saenz. “It is essential that Latino children be seen as an asset rather than a liability, as our children and our future.”

Last Week’s Roundup

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