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Health, Science, and Shared Disparities with Brian Southwell,” by Sarah Lageson. Social networks may be great for getting the word out, but that’s highly dependent on the network.

Office Hours Podcast:

Colter Ellis on the Boundary Labor of Beef Production,” with Sarah Lageson. Love ’em and eat ’em?

The Editors’ Desk:

“There’s More to Methods than Tweaking and Critiquing,” by Chris Uggen. On why it’s refreshing to return to talking about methods as the tools of social science.

Reading List:

Closing the Happiness Gap,” by Rahsaan Mahadeo. Social policy can affect large-scale happiness, even if it does lead “to a few grumpy 1&’ers.”

The Personal Mediators of Stereotype,” by Stephen Suh. New work in Ethnic and Racial Studies┬áreveals how personal characteristics change the individual experience of stereotype threat.

There’s Research on That!

New Nutrition Labels—A Healthier Choice?” by Jacqui Frost. When a label’s not just a label.

NYC Gets with the Program on Pre-K,” by Amy August. Who benefits from Pre-K, and why do autism diagnoses rise when we get kids in the education system earlier?

Citings & Sightings:

Trust in Intelligence,” by Andrew Wiebe. Is it smart to trust others?

Scholars Strategy Network:

How America’s Engorged Prison and Surveillance System Threatens Civic Trust and Democracy,” by Joe Soss. It may be smart to trust others, but it’s a little hard when there’s a camera on every corner.

The Truth about Health Reform, Jobs, and the Economy,” by Jonathan Gruber. Health care is changing employment, but as a mechanism of voluntary changes, rather than forced stasis.

A Few from the Community Pages:

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