In this episode we are joined by Stefano Bloch, Assistant Professor in the School of Geography & Development at the University of Arizona and author of Going All City: Struggle and Survival in LA’s Graffiti Subculture.  Stefano reflects on his initial encounters with the writings of Henri Lefebvre as an undergraduate literature major and discusses how Lefebvre’s ideas have served as a foundation to all of his scholarly research and teaching since. Stefano also provides useful advice for how we need to approach theory as ideas and tools to be applied rather than eternal truths.

“It is as if the pages came alive. Everything that I had thought was drowning in jargon and overly convoluted… all of sudden started to make sense to me because I was hanging each of those words on this view of the world that I had already held inside me, which was the perspective of the world and the built environment as a graffiti writer.