HAPPY November! Here are some highlights from last month…

Advertising Fails, Sociology Wins:

A guest post by Larkin Callaghan about a Skinny Water advertisement telling women to lose weight was re-posted on Jezebel.  Jezebel reports that the ad was pulled by the company thanks to complaints.

Apparently the moronic anti-woman, man-mocking Dr. Pepper campaign was a bust. The Wall Street Journal reports that favorability fell by one-fourth among men and one-half among women after the ad campaign was released.  Hello advertisers! Treat your customers as if they have half a brain!

Miss Representation Documentary:

A documentary featuring SocImages Contributor Caroline Heldman, Miss Representation, premiered this month to great acclaim.  It’s about the relationship between representations of women in the media and political participation.  Watch the trailer or catch this interview on Ellen with Rachel Maddow, who was also in the documentary, along with Lisa Ling, Jane Fonda, Condoleezza Rice, Margaret Cho, Rosario Dawson, Katie Couric, and more.

New Course Guide:

We just added a new Course Guide organizing SocImages material in a way that is helpful to instructors.  This one is on Research Methods. That makes three!

We’d like to offer as many Course Guides as we can, even different takes on the same course.  So, if you’re interested in writing one, please see our Instructors Page. There’s other good stuff for instructors there too.

Best of October:

Our hard-working intern, Norma Morella, collected the stuff ya’ll liked best from last month. Here’s what she found:


I had a fantastic time last week visiting Pacific Lutheran University. Tacoma was gorgeous, the students were brilliant, and the faculty were engaging and fun. Tomorrow I’ll be giving a quick talk about Occupy Wall Street on my own campus, Occidental College.  And I’m looking forward to visiting Harvard and the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in the last week of March. I’ll try to have a meet up if anyone would like to get together for drinks in Cambridge!


Our posts on consumer spendingracist college partiesgender and toilets, and homosexuality in our collective consciousness were linked from or featured at BoingBoing,Bitch, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Beast, respectively.  Always great fun when our ideas get out there!

Social Media ‘n’ Stuff:

Finally, this is your monthly reminder that SocImages is on Twitter and Facebook.  Gwen and I and most of the team are also on twitter: