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New & Noteworthy

Restrictive immigration restrictions decrease healthcare usage among Latinx agricultural workers with legal status, through a chilling effect. Read this discovery from Rebecca A. Schut and Courtney E. Boen written up by S Ericson on the site.

Worth a Watch (Sociologically Speaking)

Check out this quick video rounding up research on the joys and challenges of motherhood from board member Jacob Otis.

From the Archives

Yesterday marked the third anniversary of George Floyd’s murder that inspired our series Wretched/Wonderful, reflections from social scientists on the racial dynamics of the twin cities. Check out Walt Jacob’s introduction to the series here.

Backstage with TSP

This week we had our first summer board meeting, an informal time for us to reconnect and make progress on our summer plans. It was fun to be back in the room together after a few weeks, and we’re excited about some big projects that we’re set to announce later in the summer.

More from Our Partner and Community Pages

Contexts released their Spring 2023 issue. The entire issue is available open access for a limited time, explore it here!

For Sociological Images Leah Long wrote about the challenges, and dangers, of dating while trans and what changes could help keep trans people safer as they seek romantic and sexual connection.

Women athletes are both athletically and physically misrepresented in sports video games reflecting gender inequality write Judy Liao and Emily MacMillan for Engaging Sports.

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