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Leonardo LaBarre wrote up new research from Ilya SlavinskiĀ andĀ Becky Pettit showing that court fines and fees are not a replacement for incarceration and target the same historically disadvantaged communities.

Citings and Sightings

CBS news spoke with sociologist Mary Brinton and Masahiro Yamada who critiqued Japan’s new match-making initiative, designed to address low birth rates by encouraging marriage, for not addressing the gender inequality and economic insecurity young people face.

From the Archives

With historic winter storms blowing across the United States this week, post-earthquake recovery efforts ongoing in Turkey and Syria, check out this piece from partner Contexts on what social science tells us about natural disasters.

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For Council on Contemporary Families’ blog, Dr. Breanna Boppre wrote about the stressors loved ones of incarcerated people overcome to visit their family members, from transportation time and costs to constant surveillance.

Niya St. Amant wrote for Engaging Sports on the risk and injury associated with high-stakes competition show RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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