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New research from Kristin Kelley shows that, despite more women choosing to keep their maiden names, wives who do not take their husband’s last names are considered less loyal and loving and farther from the ideal wife.

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February is Black History Month but it is not the only time of year we should center conversations around race and racism, according to sociologist Dan Hirschman speaking with USA Today, especially given the organized backlash against racial progress.

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For more Black History Month reading, check out this piece from alums Caty Curry and Amber Joy Powell highlighting black women’s long-standing contributions to the discipline.

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New co-editor Seth Abrutyn sat down to discuss how Dr. Anna Mueller and his Contexts piece “Durkheim’s Suicide in the Zombie Apocalypse,” helps make foundational sociological concepts accessible and interesting to students, offering discussion prompts for other instructors hoping to do the same.

Transgender parents may let children explore their gender before ascribing labels, according to new research from Rachel G. Riskind, Samantha L. Tornello, and Mary Campbell shared on Council on Contemporary Families’ blog.

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