This week around eight inches of snow fell here in the Twin Cities, forecasts now call for a heavy downfall of great reads…

New and Noteworthy

New board member Diana Hoerner wrote up research from TSP alum Amy August showing that, when preschool teachers rely on peers to reinforce appropriate behavior, this encourages selective inclusion and exclusion that fosters social isolation for some kids and not others.

Worth a Read (Sociologically Speaking)

In the wake of the attack on Club Q, Greggor Mattson wrote for Contexts blog on the complexities and realities of gay bars in the United States, places of community and celebration that only enter the spotlight after tragedy.

Citings and Sightings

The Indian Child Welfare Act is on the Supreme Court’s docket this year, The 74 spoke with Frank Edwards about the “enormous amounts of bias” present in the child welfare system, especially when teachers are expected to act as the eyes and ears of the system.

From the Archives

Merriam Webster named “gaslighting” as the word of the year, check out this piece from the archives on the “sociology of gaslighting.”

Backstage with TSP

This week, nominations for our “Best of 2022” went out. We rounded up exceptional pieces from our board members, partner, and community pages. It is a really fun opportunity to reflect on the year and all that we have accomplished. We look forward to announcing the winners and re-running this pieces in our “Best of” series during the semester break.

More from our Partner and Community Pages

“woman, life, freedom” and the progressive academe by Maryam Alemzadeh for Contexts.

Sitcoms and Social Networks by Evan Stewart for Sociological Images.

From Prussia With Love: The Palace That Got To Live Twice by Henning Schroeder for Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies’ blog.

Keeping Ties with Problematic Parents by Emma Bosley-Smith and Rin Reczek for Council on Contemporary Families’ blog.

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