New and Noteworthy

Council on Contemporary Families’ blog posted a research report from Debra Umberson and Rachel Donnelly that finds that black and hispanic parents are more likely to experience a child’s death in their lifetime and the psychological distress that comes with it.

Citings and Sightings

A new piece in the Atlantic on the relationship between debates on policing and political fights over gun control featured context and perspective from sociologist Jennifer Carlson, author of Policing the Second Amendment.

From the Archives

We’ve got a pride month pairing. Read Sarah Catherine Billups’ rounding up research on queer life in the country alongside Tony Silva’s feature at Council on Contemporary Families on sexual flexibility among rural men who have sex with men.

More from our Partners and Community Pages

Psychologist Tina Pittman Wagers from for Girl w/ Pen! wrote about what research actually shows us about the link between mental illness and gun violence and how the data should inform policy makers.

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