Worth a Read (Sociologically Speaking)

Board member Jacob Otis rounded up social science research on police complaints that shows that police reform is not about just removing a “few bad apples” from duty and will require systemic change

New and Noteworthy

Arielle Kuperberg and Pamela Stone wrote wrote about their new article on depictions of stay-at-home dads for the Gender & Society blog. They found that portrayals of stay-at-home dads have become more positive over time, but only for dads who lost have lost jobs, not those voluntarily choosing to be primary caregivers.

Citings and Sightings

New York Times’ reporter Noam Scheiber spoke with sociologists Ruth Milkman and Barry Eidlin for a piece on the role of college-educated workers in recent unionization efforts at workplaces such as Amazon, Starbucks, and REI.

Backstage with TSP

Last week we read an excerpt from Eric Kleinenberg‘s book Palaces for the People, and thought more about the possibilities for public sociology in partnership with local libraries. We’re always thinking about ways to find new audiences, new “publics,” for our writing in connection with our mission of bringing important sociological findings to more readers. We felt there is clear harmony between the goals of the Society Pages, the important role of libraries as community spaces, and librarians’ work to connect community members with information and resources. We’re not exactly sure what’s next on this but we’re definitely going to keep thinking about how to bring public sociology to the libraries.

More from our Partner and Community Pages

Mayor Weinshel wrote Against the Brittleness of Memory: Complex Parallels on Yom HaShoah for the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies’ blog.

Council on Contemporary Families’ blog shared Ariana Rose’s piece Amsterdam Black Women Refusing Myths of Color-Blindness

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