Happy Friday. This week we rounded-up research on women in combat sports and the politics of public memorials. As always, our partner and community pages also bring you great content.

There’s Research On That

A Woman’s Place is in the Octagon by Jillian LaBranche. We round-up research on how women in combat sports confront gender norms.

The Politics of Public Memorials by Daniel Cueto-Villalobos. We review research on public memorials, from immediate to official, highlighting the contested nature of these public projects.

From Our Partners:


Cross University Collaboration for STEM Education and Social Justice by Monica J. Carter, Luis A. Colón, Anna De Cheke Qualls, Kamla Deonauth, and Panos S. Shiakolas

Council on Contemporary Families

New Work: African American mothers’ racial stressors are related to their parenting and adolescents’ academic and behavioral outcomes by Kathleen Holloway, Fatima Varner, and Stephen T. Russell

From Our Community Pages:

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