This week we consider research on multigenerational families in light of the risk of intra-household covid-19 transmission and bring you new research on the relationship between gun ownership, gender, and fear of supernatural evil.

There’s Research on That:

Living Together in Covid Times: Multigenerational Families” by Mahala Miller. We round up research on changes in young adults remaining in their parent’s homes, racial and ethnic differences in multigenerational houses, and the support that multigenerational households can offer family members.


God, Guns, and Fear of Evil” by Daniel Cueto-Villalobos. We present new research on how religious beliefs, traditional gender roles, and fear of evil inform women’s support for gun ownership.

From Our Partners:

Council on Contemporary Families:

“The Tool We Have”: Why Child Protective Services Investigates So Many Families and How Even Good Intentions Backfire” by Kelley Fong.

From Our Community Pages:

  • Cyborgology brings us “All Vows” considering the role of technology during this year’s Yum Kippur celebration.

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