Welcome back! This week, we feature two articles voted best of 2019 by the TSP team. The first celebrates the (often forgotten) Black women who continue to inspire sociological studies across a range of subfields. The second introduces a novel way sociology instructors can provide feedback to students modeled after the Great British Baking Show.

There’s Research on That:

Best of 2019: Unearthing Black Women’s Early Contributions to Sociology” by Amber Joy Powell and Caity Curry. We reflect on the contributions of three influential Black women: Ida B. Wells, Anna Julia Cooper, and Jacquelyn Mary Johnson Jackson.

Teaching TSP:

Best of 2019: The Great British Baking Show and Improving Student Feedback” by Andrea Krieg. Krieg reflects on how judges from The Great British Baking Show can help teachers and mentors provide effective feedback.

TSP Classics:

Who Are Fair Trade Deals Good For?” by Erik Kojola. Just in time for the Senate vote on a new trade deal between the US, Mexico, and Canada, we round up research on who benefits from these kinds of trade deals and who doesn’t.

Cyborgology‘s Nathan Jurgenson brings us “Photos of Snow,” a reflection on why we take and post and like snow photos.

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