RU083013Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

In just three days, a new school year is upon us. For my part, I enjoy the ritual: I buy a new pair of Converse (high-top Chucks, black, always). I make sure I’ve got a fresh notebook or two. I think hard about how to be organized and motivated (this will fall away quickly), and I try to draw on the enthusiasm of all of the incoming students swarming the campus. And then I get geared up for the next wave of great ideas and new readers flowing into The Society Pages. Then Doug gives me a good “Coach Taylor” pep talk, and we dive in. Can’t wait to see what the inbox brings. All I know is, with readers and authors like these, we can’t lose.

If all else fails, show a movie (see the comments for many suggestions).

Shiny New Book:

In case you missed our excitement about the publication of our first reader with W.W. Norton & Co. (hard to do, what with all the skywriters we hired…), please do check out the source of our pride, The Social Side of Politics. Click on through to Norton to request a desk copy or order your own.

Shiny New Facebook:

Well, not really, but we’re doing a lot more posting on FB, usually drawing together related articles from across our site. Love a SocImages post? We’ll let you know about a White Paper or Special Feature that pairs well. Excited to see Dalton Conley in Vogue? We’ve got stuff on that, too!


From Unassimilable to Exceptional: The Changing Status of Asian Americans,” by Jennifer Lee. Lee continues her TSP series on the stereotype promise of Asian Americans, focusing in particular on educational outcomes and self-fulfilling prophecy. Turns out even “good” stereotypes can trap.

The Fascination and Frustration with Native American Mascots,” by Jennifer Guiliano. News outlets are dropping the use of the name “Redskins” for Washington, D.C.’s team, but owner Dan Snyder stands staunchly by the moniker. How crowds came to do the “Tomahawk Chop,” and what recent litigation means for group’s self-determination.

Editors’ Desk:

Energy and a New Academic Year,” by Doug Hartmann. Doug drops off his son at college… about a quarter mile from the office… and reminds us that societies are still made up of individuals.

Sex Sells Sociology,” by Doug Hartmann. Add sociology to the long list of things the public likes more with a hefty dose of titillation.

Citings & Sightings:

Colleges Suffering College Debt, Too,” by Letta Page. Two UC Berkeley students (familiar with struggling school systems) consider how the student debt problem has been pushed to a breaking point at least in part by a college debt problem.

Little Pink Subprimes,” by Evan Stewart. NYU’s Jacob Faber talks to the Atlantic Cities about the wealth gap and the housing bust.

God’s Green Earth,” by Evan Stewart. Are believers better “stewards of the earth”?

Teaching TSP:

Compassion,” by Hollie Nyseth Brehm. A guide for using Natan Sznaider’s recent Office Hours episode in class.

Infantalization and Fantasy Football,” by guest author Zachary Miner. A great example of introducing the concept of gender stereotyping with new sociology students.

FOOD, INC. Film Guide,” by Kia Heise. If you do go the “show a movie” route, here’s one way to do it.

Scholars Strategy Network:

A Few from the Community Pages: