The Society Pages is an online, multidisciplinary social science project headquartered in the Department of Sociology at the University of Minnesota and supported by publishing partner W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. The Society Pages’ mission is to bring measured social science to broader public visibility and influence. That is to say, we’re talking about society with society.

Our core team is made up of editors-in-chief Doug Hartmann and Chris Uggen, previously the co-editors of Contexts magazine. They are supported by associate editor, Letta Page, an academic editor with over a decade of experience, and graduate editor Hollie Nyseth Brehm, who is in the sociology program at the U of M. The team is rounded out with Jon Smajda, our web editor; our intern Carolyn Lubben; and an accomplished (and all volunteer!) student board currently consisting of Shannon Golden, Kyle Green, Lisa Gulya, Kia Heise, Erin Hoekstra, Sarah Lageson, Rahsaan Mahadeo, Suzy Maves McElrath, Evan Stewart, Stephen Suh, and Andrew Wiebe.

There are four groups of websites hosted on The Society Pages, each of which is described below. And if you’d simply like to keep up with what’s fresh each week, check out our Friday Roundups on the Editors’ Desk. It’s the easiest way to learn what we’ve been up to in a broad way.

TSP Originals

Produced directly by TSP editorial team and/or our wonderful authors and contributors, all of this original work is freely available online. Selected pieces will soon be collected into topical volumes to be released by W.W. Norton. Some key sections include:

  • Features: These edited pieces include White Papers, which are peer-reviewed, synthetic articles meant to give a broad, social scientific view on an issue or topic without the usual academic jargon, and Special Features, which are edited, but not peer-reviewed, pieces allowing for timely commentary from leading thinkers.
  • Changing Lenses: An ongoing conversation between Doug Hartmann and award-winning photographer Wing Young Huie.
  • Roundtables: In-depth looks at key topics with key players, TSP’s Roundtables bring together top social scientists and our graduate students to look at what’s going on behind the headlines.
  • Citings & Sightings: Where our graduate students track social scientists and their research in the media in a clear, concise style, Citings & Sightings is also where we regularly applaud journalists doing a particularly good job of examining the social issues underpinning their articles.
  • Office Hours: One of our most popular features, this podcast hosts cutting-edge social scientists talking candidly about their work and the issues of the day.
  • The Editors’ Desk: Doug Hartmann and Chris Uggen, editors of The Society Pages, highlight great public social science and articulate their vision for The Society Pages.
  • Teaching TSP: A resource for the educators in our audience, Teaching TSP presents everything from sample syllabi to discussion questions and classroom activities for specific articles from our website.
  • Reading List: New and classic research in the social sciences is highlighted by our graduate student board. Learn more about our editorial process for the Reading List here.

Community Pages

The Society Pages also hosts a suite of staggeringly lively and engaging social science blogs. Our intrepid bloggers share our passion for sharing the sociological (and social scientific) imagination in an open, accessible manner. TSP’s Community Pages include:

  • Sociological Images: By far our most widely-read Community Page, this brainchild of professors Gwen Sharp and Lisa Wade is a prolific, influential, and fun blog that encourages people to exercise their sociological imaginations with discussions of compelling visuals.
  • Cyborgology: Talking tech and its many functions in society’s endless facets, from how our bodies work with machines to “digital dualism” in the Facebook era.
  • ThickCulture: A multi-disciplinary blog about politics, culture, and technology.
  • Sexuality & Society: Explores relationships between social institutions, cultural practices, sexual health, and sexual policy.
  • Graphic Sociology: Breaks down the effective (and not so effective) ways social data is presented in everything from charts and graphs to videos and interactive infographics
  • Sociology Lens: The Sociology Compass team from Wiley Blackwell publishing shares daily posts, video, and news from a team of contributors.

Contexts Magazine

The Society Pages is also proud to host, the website for Contexts magazine, the public engagement journal of the American Sociological Society. Contexts, as a print publication, has been, and remains, an inspiration for our team, even as it has moved on to the new editorial tenure of Jodi O’Brien (Seattle University) and Arlene Stein (Rutgers). To explore Contexts, go to or jump straight to the following pages:

Scholars Strategy Network

Based at Harvard University under the direction of Theda Skocpol, the Scholars Strategy Network has created a stable of top-notch social scientists to write short policy briefs and basic facts articles on timely topics of public importance. We’re partnering with SSN to republish a number of their original pieces on our site, allowing for broader dissemination of these key articles.