The Society Pages is an open-access social science project headquartered in the Department of Sociology at the University of Minnesota and supported by individual donors and publishing partner W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. TSP brings social science to broader public visibility and influence.

Our team is made up of editors-in-chief Doug Hartmann and Chris Uggen; associate editor, Letta Page; graduate editors Evan Stewart and Jacqui FrostJon Smajda, our web editor; and an accomplished (and all-volunteer!) student board.

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Produced directly by TSP editorial team and/or our wonderful authors and contributors, all of this original work is freely available online. Select pieces have been collected into topical volumes by W.W. Norton (thus far, The Social Side of PoliticsCrime and the Punished, Color Lines and Racial Angles, Ownedand Getting Culture).

  • Features: Long-form articles meant to give a broad, social scientific view on an issue or topic without the usual academic jargon.
  • Exchanges: Office Hours podcasts and written Roundtables look to top social scientists to help give context to the headlines.
  • Research Briefs: Discoveries highlight new research findings, while There’s Research on That! compiles a list of accessible writings and key works on today’s hot topics.
  • Clippings: Where our graduate students track social scientists and their research in the media in a clear, concise style, applauding journalists examining the social issues underpinning their articles.

Community Pages:

The Society Pages hosts a suite of staggeringly lively and engaging social science blogs written by academics who share our passion for sharing the sociological imagination in an open, accessible manner. TSP’s Community Pages include Sociological Images, Cyborgology, Graphic Sociology, Sociology Lens, Girl w/ Pen!, Feminist Reflections, ThickCulture, The Color Line, Families As They Really Are, and more.


  • TSP hosts, the website for Contexts magazine, the public engagement journal of the American Sociological Society.
  • Based at Harvard University under the direction of Theda Skocpol, the Scholars Strategy Network writes short policy briefs and basic sheets on topics of public importance.
  • Over the past two decades, the Council on Contemporary Families has built an outstanding reputation as a go-to source for authoritative social research on family life.