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How Recent Immigration Complicates Our Racial Justice Policies

Asad Asad
Asad L. Asad is in the sociology program at Harvard University. This essay is based on a forthcoming  Annual Review of Sociology article co-authored with  Mary C. Waters and Philip Kasinitz.

When Kwasi Enin–the first-generation Ghanaian-American student accepted by all eight Ivy League schools–first made headlines, he probably never expected to ignite a national conversation about race and ethnic relations. Why?

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Trends at the Top: The New CEOs Revisited

The Newest of the New CEOS For most of the second half of the 20th century, virtually every CEO of every Fortune 500 company was a white man. In the 1980s and early ‘90s, a few white women, a few …Keep Reading
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Health, Science, and Shared Disparities with Brian Southwell

Social networks are often lauded for their potential to reach large numbers of people in innovative ways. Yet, there is unequal access to social media and unequal “quality” within networks—both on and offline. Brian Southwell, author of the new book …Keep Reading
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Same-Sex, Different Attitudes

Ten short years ago, same-sex marriage produced deep divisions within American society. The majority of Americans opposed granting legal recognition to gay and lesbian couples, and politicians seemed to play tug-of-war with the issue as it suited their needs. In …Keep Reading
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Out of the Nest and into the Red

The Dynamics of Debt in Young Adulthood In any newspaper or blog these days, you’re bound to find human interest stories of fresh-faced young adults, newly independent from their parents, and saddled by a mountain of debt they can’t even …Keep Reading