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The Social Construction of Consent

Jill Weinberg
Jill D. Weinberg is a visiting professor at DePaul University. She studies law, subcultures, physicality, and norms of consent.
In March 2013, Americans were gripped by television coverage of a trial involving two high school football players from Steubenville, Ohio. They were charged with the rape of an intoxicated 16-year-old girl and with posting images of the assault on social media. The prosecution claimed the sex was not consensual because the victim was too intoxicated to consent. A defense attorney offered a different account: the victim voluntarily drank alcohol, …Keep Reading
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Between Protesters and Police: How a Photojournalist Got “The Shot”

Iconic images—such as a single student standing stoic before Red Army tanks in Tiananmen Square, a protester leaning forward to put a flower into the barrel of a soldier’s gun, or two African-American athletes raising black-gloved fists on the Olympic victory podium—often seem to shape much of what we “know” about various historical events or social movements.

…Keep Reading
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Racism Retriggered

Let’s face it: after the mid-term elections, many of us are just exhausted by divisive rhetoric—especially on the gun issue. With Michael Bloomberg and the National Rifle Association pouring untold amounts of money into state-level races, the gun debate has …Keep Reading
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Troubling Bodies with Natalie Boero, C.J. Pascoe, and Abigail Saguy

Identity is increasingly tied to the body. Advertisements for natural herbal supplements to improve body shape, scientific concoctions to increase libido, and surgical procedures guaranteed, if not required, to impress sexual partners fill email inboxes on a daily basis. The …Keep Reading
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“Technological Optimism”: Egg-Freezing a Better Deal for Companies than for Women

The following is an excerpt from Rene Almeling, Joanna Radin, and Sarah S. Richardson’s CNN Op-ed, Oct. 20, 2014. Click more to read the entirety. Apple and Facebook made the headlines last week on the news that they are offering coverage for their female employees to …Keep Reading