The Appleton Compassion Project is a community art project involving over 10,000 Appleton art students. Participants received a six-by-six art panel to show their idea of compassion. All of these panels on the website and  at The Trout Museum of Art.

At the website, linked above, you can see students’ submissions and the statements they have written to go with them. In one of these statements, a student writes “I believe that we need to start small if we are ever going to have a world full of compassion. I believe that you should start weaving compassion into your friendships and acquaintances.”

The project was inspired by Professor Richard Davidson, at the University of Wisconsin, who found that individuals who practice compassion have healthier brains. His research also shows that compassion can be learned, and can be practiced, as a skill.

Leave comments if you know of other places to find computer-inspired art.