gender: objectification

Dehumanizing women; women as toys, useful only for fucking; women as interchangeable:

By the way, on the back it says: “Isn’t that why women have more than one hole?”

Here it is in a pillowcase:

Different take, same message:

Trivialization of rape:

Glamorization of violent sex and the priviliging of men’s sexual pleasure:

Trivialization of relationship violence:

This last one says: “I like my women like my chicken, battered.”

I’ll leave it up to you to decide if “testees” is a pun.

In this ad for St.Pauli’s Girl beer, a woman’s body has been turned into the alcohol itself, conflating liquor and women as products for consumption:

NEW! (Mar. ’10): Tom M. sent in two more examples. This is a brand of Russian beer manufactured to look like a woman in fishnets and a garter (found at copyranter):

And Skinny Blonde is an Australian brand (found at Change Marketing):

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On the back it says “Formulated to turn 21 to 35 year olds into drunken, energized, sex freaks. –BottleWatch”

The back also has a silhouette of a woman holding a can of Four.

Ad Agency: Rempen & Partner, Duessldorf