gender: objectification

This is called the Bitchcruiser:

You can find a lot more pictures of it here and there’s one for sale on ebay (thanks to Laura L., who found it on, via).

NEW: Audrey D.E. sent in this image of a pole-dancer alarm clock from a catalog:

The text:

Your guy will really “rise and shine” to this entertaining alarm clock. A pole dancer twirls around the pole to music and flashing lights. What a way to wake up!

Thanks, Audrey!

The first two are from the Gaultier Classique line. The third image is called Le Male. The final image is Fleur Du Male. You can see other examples of the women’s line here.

Thanks, Melissa C.!

Another one from Jason.

Warning! These images may not be safe for your workplace.


Warning: It’s a Hustler cover. May not be safe for your workplace (you see a woman’s legs sticking out of a meat grinder).


Susanne T. sent me this image. She is in Latvia and walks by a furniture store every day that has this set of kitchen cabinets visible from the street.

I think it’s especially interesting that, unless Latvia has a much more egalitarian division of household labor than the U.S., it would be primarily women using this cabinet to do dishes. Susanne, any information about gender and housework in Latvia?

In this ad, the imprint of a woman’s stiletto is her own body. Creative? Or creative and creepy?

Via Adverbox.

These anti-statutory rape PSAs were made by advertising agency Serve for the United Way of Milwaukee. They created enough of a controversy that they were pulled (see an article at Salon).
In response to the controversy, the advertising agency put a little over 2 minutes of focus group footage on youtube:[youtube][/youtube]