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The U.S. Border Patrol is focusing its new recruiting efforts in the Southeast, the region that just happens to have had the largest Hispanic population growth over the last few years.

How is the U.S. Border Patrol marketing itself to possible recruits in Southern states? Yup, by sponsoring the #28 NASCAR race car.

In an effort to expand the Hello Kitty brand, Japan’s Sanrio Co. has come out with a line of products for boys and men. Gone is the ubiquitous pink and Hello Kitty’s face!


And, for girls and women who would rather be bad than good, a winking Kitty who’s pulling up her skirt.

Hello Kitty

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Here are some divorce stats that call into question the Army Strong ads which trumpet the Army’s support of military families.

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Past Month Alcohol Use by Ethnicity: Ages 26 or Older

From the National Institute of Health (here).

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I couldn’t find the Mayor ad Lisa was looking for, but I did find this ad:

First, it’s a commodification of love. The slogan points to the fact that jewelry really tells her how much you love her.

Second, notice the consumption upon consumption: you can buy charms representing things you can buy. No, wait, it’s even more layered, you can buy jewelry in the shape of jewelry. And the inclusion of a purse doubly symbolizes consumption. You buy purses and you carry a purse in order to buy strapless dresses and heels etc.

Finally, notice how gendered the whole thing is. A tiara? Come on! Is she six? No briefcase? No I guess not.

This campaign ad from 1988 is part of the larger politicization of the black underclass. “Willie Horton” and the “welfare queen” both emerged as symbols during this period with which to demonize poor blacks for political clout. Ultimately, using the name Willie Horton became a powerful tool to criticize politicians for being weak on crime and not protecting the innocent white population from the guilty black population.YouTube Preview Image Ultimately, increasing toughness of the criminal justice system led to a situation, today, where about 1/2 of all black men are in the prison system.See an interesting entry on Willie Horton on wikipedia here.