This episode, we talk with Jennifer Lena about her book, Banding Together. Lena explores the developmental patterns that different musical genres take—from rap and bluegrass to death metal and South Texas Polka. Why do some genres become massively popularly while others thrive in small niches? Listen in to find out.

Also, our host for the week, Sarah Lageson, recently produced a documentary for KFAI radio on the bluegrass revival in the Twin Cities. If you enjoy this interview with Jennifer Lena, you’ll enjoy Sarah’s documentary, too. KFAI describes it as:

For the last several years, a bluegrass revival has been taking place in and around the Twin Cities. KFAI producer Sarah Lageson talks to musicians Quillan Roe of the Roe Family Singers, Kevin Kniebel of Pert Near Sandstone, radio host Phil Nusbaum, and banjo player Liz Olds. This documentary examines the local bluegrass resurgence, what it means for musicians and fans, and the divide between purists and progressives.

Go on, check it out!

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