Class Notes

Crafting Effective Feedback

One of the main tasks we have as instructors and teaching assistants is reading students’ writing and assisting them in … Read More

Pop Culture Fridays

My first semester of teaching Introductory Sociology was to a class of 120 students, and I had just completed my … Read More

Small-Scale CBL: Establishing Trust and Equity in Benefits

In a classic piece on community-based learning (CBL) in sociology, Mooney and Edwards define CBL as a broad term … Read More

Rethinking Service-learning to be More Public and Creative

In higher education, instructors are encouraged to incorporate service-learning into their curricula— activities that provide the chance for students to … Read More

Ungrading: Reassessing Assessment

According to Jesse Stommel (2021), “’Ungrading’ means raising an eyebrow at grades as a systemic practice, distinct from simply … Read More

Comics and the Ethnographic Sensibility

Students of ethnography are often encouraged to develop an ethnographic sensibility, or an attunement to the material and social relations … Read More

Sociology in Film as a Direct Public Connection

When I took on the task of teaching a sociology in film class, I was motivated by the opportunity to … Read More