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This week TSP’s Caroline Garland published a new Discovery, Hard Work Pays Off?, on work by Rebecca Wetter and Claudia Finger. In this piece, we learn about the buy-in of the belief of meritocracy of German medical students. Students with parents who attended college were more likely to believe their hard work paid off than students whose parents did not attend college — who felt admissions were more dependant on class or influence.

Our Clippings this week features Patrick Sharkey and Megan Kang in The New York Times on gun laws and gun deaths and Michael Rocque in Boston Globe on gun laws and safety in Maine. We also have Adia Harvey Wingfield in the Harvard Business Review on workplace culture and the experience of Black employees, Karen Benjamin GuzzoAlison Gemmil, and Sarah Hayford on millennial hurdles to having children in The Washington Post (great read), coverage of Pete Simi‘s testimony on the current Trump ballot trial in Colarod in the Ohio Capital Journal, and Gillian Gualtieri in Hyperallergic on the U.S. arts and culture industry.

From the Archives

The Grammy Award Nominations were released on November 10th! Learn more about what these awards mean for artists by reading Contexts recent article by Rose Xueqing Zhang.

Election results came in last week, highlighting some of the stakes and possibilities for next year’s election. Read S Ericson’s Discovery on work by Bart BonikowskiYuval Feinstein, and Sean Bock on the national political cleavage.

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