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First off (in case you missed it) we are happy to share that Clippings is back – thanks to TSP board member Mallory Harrington! TSP will bring you weekly updates of sociology and sociologists in the news. This week we have Janet Vertesi in The Conversation on NASA and AI-human teams, Matthew Desmond in the ACLU’s podcast At Liberty on poverty, Juliet Schor in NPR’s TED Radio Hour on the four-day workweek, Neil Gross in Time on police reform, and Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve in WHYY on a police officer charged with over 200 sex crimes.

“Your Tweets, pictures, and messages may be used against you.” Also from Mallory Harrington’s desk, we have a new Discovery on Social Media in Criminal Trials from work by Jeffrey LaneFanny A. Ramirez, and Desmond U. Patton. In this piece, we cover how public defenders face many challenges in defending their clients on the social media front.

From the Archives

The current national blood shortage is leaving vulnerable people at risk. Blood donations, sociologists have found, are largely motivated by altruism, empathy, and internal-personal motivations. Click here to read TSP’s “There’s Research on That” on blood donation by Jillian LaBranche.

Sexual assault rates are typically high during the beginning of the school year and this time (August-November) is known as the “Red Zone”. Reporting these sexual charges is usually left to victims, but the act of reporting a sexual assault can subject victims to risks. Read our Discovery Counting the Cost of Reporting Sexual Assault by Amber Joy Powell on work in Sociological Science.

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