New & Noteworthy

TSP is happy to announce our first episode of the SOC 101 podcast. We interviewed Dr. Reuben Miller, author of Halfway Home: Race, Punishment, and the Afterlife of Mass Incarceration. Me and my fellow interviewers had a lot of fun interviewing Dr. Miller and we learned a lot! We also published a new TSP Special Feature by Chris Knoester on sex discrimination and transgender athletes.

Citings & Sightings

John Nelson wrote an article for The Conversation about the backbone of AI language models – human beings.

Liesel Ritchie was featured in 10 News, discussing some of the implications of the Maui Wildfires – including the impact on survivors’ mental health, and how home can have a different meaning after a disaster.

Backstage with TSP

We held our first official TSP board meeting this past Friday and we are beyond excited for this semester. Alongside catching up our newest members, we honored previous TSP board members’ tireless work and made plans for the semester. Also, we are now experimenting with using Slack as a way to organize our work – we’ll see how it goes.

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